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I can confirm it is a nice game to play, with quite an interesting story, some 'side' quests (posters) and things to unlock.

However, I'm waiting for the 1.3 version to play it further, since it seems it will bring some important changes, as mentionned by the author in the 'news' section.

By the way, it is a game created by GameMaker, as is the Lost Vikings 'clone' named the Lost Snowmen (mentionned by s2325 here)

Here are two 'best of' made with GameMaker recommandations threads:

and the main GameMaker creations thread:

There is a large variety of games, some for quick games, some very involving. I'm sure most people here can find something to their likings.
Of the few I tried, I can vouch for:
Robbie Swifthand , a sort of puzzle/platform/trap avoiding game (a bit like Rick Dangerous)

Frozzd , a platformer in space (playing with the gravity of the planetoids)

Mega Block Man , a 3D platformer
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