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and left controller as UAE
went into install->hdtools->hdtoolbox , no drive was found....
There are two methods to get this working:

1. if you want to leave UAE as controller (which is easier but less compatible to the real machine), you have to select HDToolBox' icon and choose Icon -> Information from the menu. Go to the tooltypes and find the one which reads scsi_device_name=scsi.device. Change it to tead scsi_device_name=uaehf.device. If the entry is surrounded by brackets, remove them. Save the changes and run HDToolbox again, it should now find your HDD.

2. change the controller type to IDE0. Then go to the ROMs tab and check from which kind of Amiga the ROM file is. If it is from an A1200, go to the chipset tab and change the chipset from generic to A1200. The same goes for an A4000. If it's from an A500/600/2000, set chipset to A600. All other models don't have an IDE bus and this method doesn't work.

In both cases make sure to create partitions only in the first 4GB of the drive.

Be prepared that HDToolbox can only display numbers which are less than 4GB. So if you create for example a 15GB partition, it will show it as 1GB. Make sure that the sizes of your partitions are really correct, don't believe what HDToolbox shows you.

I repeat, just to make it clear: all partitions you create must fit into the first 4GB of the drive. Making multiple 4GB partitions does not work. Using the area outside the first 4GB of the drive is for experts only and you should try this when you are a little more experienced with AmigaOS.
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