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flee... newbie trying to get things working..

Hi Guys, I am extremely new to the Amiga scene. Never touched one in my life but just got my hands on an Amiga 1200 and want to get it going and with some games on it. Unfortunately it came with no disks and I assume the HD inside it has been erased or something. I am wanting to prepare a HD in XP/WinUAE that I can put directly into the Amiga. There seems to be a lot of talk here and a lot I don't understand and also many methods described here. I guess I am looking for the easiest way to get it done. I currently have WinUAE with workbench 3.0 etc. I have a 30 gig 2.5 inch usb drive that i plan to drop into the amiga. I am not fussed if I can't use all 30 gigs though it would be nice of course . I might even move to a 8 gig CF card possibly. I connected the USB drive and booted winuae with the disable safety thingy for hard drive, then added the usb HD, clicked read/write and left controller as UAE (is that what it should be?) set the floppies to load as wb 3.0 and the install 3.0 booted into amiga os.. in amiga gui, went into install->hdtools->hdtoolbox , no drive was found.... I appreciate many of you are experts and probably get sick of asking newbie questions but we all have to start somewhere . If someone has some time to help me get it going it would be much appreciated. I basically just want to load up the real amiga with games and plug it into the TV. I used to own an Atari ST many many years ago and was going to pick up one of them but after retro sites finally realised the amiga might have had the edge hehe. cheers
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