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Hehe...don't dare me anything...I'm the daredevil himself

As for finding the Amiga CD version, I came up to something interesting, but either I'm missing something obvious, or else it's gonna be a no-joy

Seems like AmigaSYS asked the game creators if they could provide the full Amiga game, and the answer was yes.

You can check on this page: (scroll a bit down) I stupid? Can't find any download link....

I would think after reading that (and the fact the PC conversion is downloadable for free off the official website) that the game could be considered Freeware...if not Abandonware. In that case could anybody upload it to the Zone or to MagixFTP (or even to my own FTP storage I'd be pleased to offer access to?) I'd really be super pleased to play the amiga version of the game, that really looks way better than the PC conversion.
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