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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
If you've got an A600/A1200 why is anyone messing around with floppy disks when you can get an IDE->CF adapter or a PCMCIA->CF adapter and transfer files quickly and easily from the PC?

Have the pmcia->cf adapter.just bad luck that i would had to get the incompatible waiting till after xmas to get a cf from ebay,well a cheap one anyway.

Originally Posted by Fingerlickin_B View Post
Put the PC0 & PC1 drivers in both Devs/DOS Drivers & Storage/DOS Drivers folders.

Standard Workbench installation only puts them in 1 of these folders (can't recall which one).


tried that.still doesn't work

Originally Posted by davideo View Post

If you put in a PC formatted floppy DF0: will show DF0:???

But you should get another icon showing PC0: if the PC0 is mounted correctly.

Dave G

yup the DF0:??? comes up,but no pc0:

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