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Gameplay-wise adventure games from Sierra (& Lucasarts for that matter), were fun to play for the most part. The disk-swapping/loading as the games got bigger though were a pain in the butt,much less the obvious PC-portitus.
Having to insert a disk to load a particular file,then swap over to another disk then maybe your save disk again was silly,(LSL III,Indy Last Crusade case in point)

That said & done,as a LSL fan, I would still rate the Amiga version of Larry II slightly ahead of the PC original due to the Sfx being a touch better. It was managable on floppy for the most part. Given the US was shifting to PC's with hard drives,single drive Amiga floppy users weren't going to factored into development.

The aformentioned arcade sequences were a pain in the butt, however Delphine's operation stealth wins hands down for painful control interface/ crappy arcade sequences. Sierra's better games came from the type-in interface, lucasarts had the superior point'n'click interface.
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