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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Hang on though, this is interesting - if the AF CDs are on the FTP is this strictly allowed as they have the Workbench disks? Even if they did obtain permission for them does that mean that legally we're allowed to distribute them on the FTP or not?
As the person that uploaded the latter AFCDs - I'd like to add my two penneth

As nearly all self booting demo CDs/magazine CDs contain some amount of Amiga Workbench programs on them - does this mean that all these Cds will have to be removed?

In the case of the AFCDs - these were nearly all self-booting and would contain numerous system files - in some cases even different system dirs depending on what machine they were going to boot on. What do we do about them?

What about if someone removes the Workbench adfs and then re-uploads them without? Would that be a good enough compromise for now?

Dave G
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