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Oh, yes, The Dig has a magnificent story by the master himself
I don't quite get those who hate it, it's got a great atmosphere that you can feel with the characters you're controlling.

About Sierra games again... what I find a bit irritating is... uhmmm... this "humor".
I dunno how to describe it, but I always felt Sierra didn't have the guts to make some of the situations funny in a way some older/mature business man PC users wouldn't find funny... Yes, I'm trying to say that, for me - Amiga games were always for those who enjoyed a good laugh, while PC game's for those who get back home from a boring job and want to spent it's boring life with their boring PC playing some boring game just to kill some boring time.
But hey, don't blame me, always was a PC hater until I finally got that ugly machine back in december of 1998.
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