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Question What's wrong with Sierra adventure games?

Hey guys!

I read in the "overrated" thread posts from some people complaining about Sierra adventure games being, if not bad, at least overrated. As a huge Sierra adventure games fan, I just want to get more detailed opinions about it as I'm really curious, if you want to answer my poll and tell me a little more about what you think

First of all, I don't want to get into a LucasArts vs Sierra war, as I'm also a Lucas fan! I did all their games as well, and both Sierra and Lucas made awesome games in my opinion.

But still, I began with Sierra adventure games. They're taking much room in my heart, because I used to play them with my dad and brother when I was a kid, they are a wonderful memory of my childhood, and I think I can safely say that if I got that interested in the English language, it's mainly thanks to them. I played them over and over again - still today - and know most of them by heart now

I need to say that I played them on PC, and I think I recall from PC mags at the time that Amiga conversions were not really good, so this may be a reason people don't really like them around here?

Here's my opinion anyways:

- Space Quest series: you can't beat Space Quest. Fun, fun, fun. My favorite of them all, as a huge SciFi fan. Texts/dialogues are great, scenarios are crazy, lot of references to the SciFi blockbusters, I just dig SQ!

- Leisure Suit Larry series: didn't play them when I was too young (my dad wouldn't let me ), but then, playing a total loser in a desperate quest for score was awesome.

- King's Quest series: maybe too naive and...."girly" in some way for some people, but still, as a child/pre-adolescent they were great games to play. Fantasy world, kings & princesses, evil witches, unicorns and stuff...was magical at the time!

- Police Quest series: hard to play and a little bit boring for European people as it was too much about American police procedures and stuff, but still had a good time playing them when I was old enough to understand everything.

- Gold Rush: one of the latest games with the old Sierra AGI engine and therefore the most detailed and nice looking tho. Actually a very nice game in my opinion, that was underrated because it came out late with the old engine and looked less good than the new SCI (SQ3, LSL2, PQ2, KQ3) engine. But a deep game, with different paths to complete it, an all-time favorite.

- Manhunter I & II: very nice games that weren't the same style of the others, with a nice scenario - very much of an Orwell's "1980" feeling, very enjoyable to play in my opinion.

Well, I must admit there were also cons about these's what I would point out:

- Some stupid arcade sequences that would sometimes spoil the fun and get you stuck for hours. It's an adventure game for god's sake, it's for people that do not want to play arcade! (mostly talking for my dad there, as he's totally awkward and could probably not avoid a snail coming into him he was happy to have two sons to help him out there lol )

- The input interpreter (before point & click games) was sometimes really bad and could get you stuck when you had the exact idea of what you had to do. Anyone remembers the end sequence of Larry 2 where you had to make a molotov cocktail out of a hair fertilizer bottle and a plane vomit bag, before throwing it in the volcano's lift? if you didn't have the very exact sentence to prepare the molotov cocktail, the game wouldn't compute it and send you a totally uninformative error message. Actually spent several WEEKS the very first time before we could complete the game, by reading the solution in a PC mag.

- Unlike LucasArts games, they were too many ways to fail and die in Sierra's games. How frustrating to die stupidly and get to the "Restore / Restart / Quit" screen too often...

But still, these games were huge, and I will remember them forever that's for sure

Thanks for your inputs guys! Lovers or haters
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