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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
Incidently, I disagree about that being the title. The Official Computer Game is just a subtitle. It's used on the title screen and the original release box, but not on the budget release box. If you have an original copy of the game (the one with the subtitle on the front) you'll note that the disks are labeled as Manchester United only with no subtitle. And the back of the box of the original Krisalis release also only calls it Manchester United.
I like to think that the programmers and graphic artists knew what their game was called, and so the title screens would be most accurate. I always try to put in subtitles as per the beta Tosec Naming Convention because I think it helps distinguish titles, but it's always a best guess as to what the literal published title is. I mean, I've got disks printed "Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games" and the game boots up as Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. What if on the original box it said, "White Man Play Cowboy and Indian Games"!?!?!?
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