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Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
After seeing an Indivision going in the flesh on off1k's newly purchased A1200 from Novacoder, i am VERY tempted to get one!, but thats $244 AU !! ( which is of course subject to change in todays volatile market )... maybe if i sold my external scan doubler i could put it towards getting one, but it looks a bit tricky to install and i don't want to destroy my beloved Amiga that i have had for 16 going on 17 years.

Is it quite tricky? ( i remember Novacoder the other night saying that Silicon helps the job somewhat )

Nope the basic install is pretty easy (10 min job), you only need to use silicon if you're paranoid like me (that little bugger isn't going anywhere!). If you want to get fancy you'll also need an old PC VGA backing plate and I'd also advise you to file down your lower heat-shield under the floppy drive to prevent cable damage. You can see all the pics here ->

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