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Originally posted by Drake1009
With Win98 though it's become annoying to use MSCDEX, and the new logitech drivers don't help much either. I have a very low usage of Conventional memory when I need EMS memory, but for some reason neither MSCDEX nor the logitech mouse driver will run in upper memory sending my conventional memory free on the wrong side of 620Kb.
As for the mouse, try using CuteMouse.

"CuteMouse is a DOS based, open source mouse driver, which supports both serial and PS/2 protocols. CTMOUSE was written to use as little memory as possible, the TSR currently occupies less than 3.5k".

For the CD stuff, try Vide-Cdd, Nwcdex, Cloaking and some others at:

Or Universal (Oak Technologies) CD-ROM: ( mscdex included here).

you can get a lot more options here
or here
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