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Cool Super Morph, Super Turrican & Jim Power

Now call this coincedence: yesterday I visited my local gameshop and found some very old PC games re-re-released at a budget price (2.99 Euro): Whale’s Voyage, Whizz and a game called Super Morph. Although I haven’t bought none of them (mind you, when I saw Appeal’s Outcast on DVD for only 4.99 Euro – it was THE game I had to get), Super Morph got my attention.
The screenshots were identical to Millenium’s Morph on Amiga. Does anyone know whether this game is a straight conversion of Morph on AGA Amigas?

Yeah, I forgot that Turrican has turned into a completely other game on SNES. I remember the rave reviews Super Turrican 2 got in the mags. I really wished it would be converted to Amiga.

@ Uukrul,
Thanks for providing some information about PC Jim Power. If I will ever manage to get the game runned, a degrader will come in handy to slow down the pace a bit.
The Nintendo emulation scene is an undiscovered area to me. Up till now I have only emulated Vic20, C64 and Amiga games. I will remember getting Jim Power if I ever will go into SNES emulation.
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