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Cheers guys, okay - going through them:

Bomberman - Cool, I don't have that though, but wasn't there a really good PD version I got use?

Speedball 2 - Oh yes! The games you forget about - it's discusting.

Sensible Soccer - Yes, I will have to bring along Kick Off 2 too seeing as I expect many people will ask for that...

Slamtilt - Yeah, I got this one too - the day would not be complete without pinball I reckon!

I also thought of Super Stardust - since it looks so damn sweet!

All great suggestions so far! Keep 'em coming!

I think Cody will be joining me on the stall - any of you guys thinking of dropping by? ... Any challenges to a game of 'X' will be returned with sweet victory on our part

I also thought we hold a competition on one of the games... Not sure what we will be giving out though - maybe CD's of PD games that they asked me to bring.
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