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Hey, what are those PC emulators about? Are they PC emulators for PC machines? (Like UAE for Amiga?)

I think someone could write an app to emulate conventional memory using expanded memory.

Getting back to the topic..

Super Turrican for SNES is a complete different game from the Amiga versions. It uses some musics from the miggy version, but the level layouts are completely new. The graphics look the same, but with more parallax layers. It's a great game, by the way, and it's a shame this game didn't make to the Amiga (And then, usually is forgotten in the Turrican Series)

Super Turrican 2 is even more different, there are different weapons, lots of swinging (I don't remember who complained abotu swinging in Turrican 3, but Super Turrican 2 is even worse in that aspect), the main sprite is also a lot different, the GFX is darker than usual, and there are many levels with "different gameplay aspects", like a level where you drive a jeep, another one where you drive a bike (And see it from behind in a tunnel that it looks like it was taken from Stardust), and a Shmup level that plays a lot like axelay. IMO, it isn't a bad game, but it just doesn't feel much like Turrican, and it's not THAT good at all .
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