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Originally Posted by hit View Post
thats a weird comment. how else should an official project site ( at that dev stage ) should looks like ?
even T. Hirsch is posting on the board (3 postings or the like).
"This is not a commercial project yet." - so the contact page says. but i mean, its a project, the team went into public <point>. also he is mentioned on that page.
if this all has nothing to do with the natami project, what are we talking about? why do people flaming on gunnar (if its right or wrong isnt important here).
so gunnar is doing a website just for the sake of it, and thats it? accidentally a project, called natami, was mentioned at the beginning and this is all what they (website - project) have in common? i doubt that.
Read down, im only going by what was stated here, others have said it isnt. Cant see how my comment was strange.
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