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@Burseg: What a good suggestion! Sensi must be played wherever there is an Amiga and more than one person. It's the law.

@Fiath: Worms DC is like 'Worms 1.5', basically - A1200 only, AGA gfx, a smattering of new weapons, etc. Good game!

My own suggestion: Slamtilt. Fabulous, fast, furry fun. Up to 8 players showing their pinball prowess. Although being keyboard-controlled, a hell of a lot of seat-swapping is required. Same true of Worms, unless it's CD32 Worms, with CD32 pad control.

All great games so far! (Although I freely admit to not being all that great at Speedball 2. But I do hold a Masters in Super Skidmarks).
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