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Yep! that was a great night, havnt been to something like that in a very long time. It was also great to meet some of the EAB members and put faces to names, great bunch of guys

There was a good variety of systems on display, got to see OS4.0/4.1 for the first time in the flesh and was really impressed with the Minimig.

After doing something really stupid back in 2000 when I sold my A1200 060/50 for a very low price [Yes Blade I know, it was a dickhead act], I am back with a vengeance, I picked up my sexy new A1200 on the night thanks to NovaCoder who did a great job on the Miggy.

Thanks THB for the demo of the indivision early in the night and that joystick of yours was pretty damn good (cant think of the name of Joystick), I almost beat my Little Ramp time for SCR, I only played 2 hot laps, better than the cordless shit I've been using.

All up it was great and I must try to make it to another meet in future.
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