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Thanks so much for the info. I hope you don't mind if I ask one more question. I can't figure out how to select a different path for the adf files. I'm not sure that I am making sense with this but let me try to explain.

I have the adf's on a usb key or on another cd and would like to start Amiga Forever live from the cd. When I go to select the adf the menu doesn't give a directory structure. The menu only allows you to type in the name of the adf. Do you know how to specify the path at that menu? I assume it wants the exact path like so: \mnt\sda1\adfs\adfname.adf. The biggest issue I am having is that I can't get AF to recognize a hdd partition, an usb memory stick, or a different CD. I am not even sure that I can mount a USB key in that environment since it is not detected and I can't get to a Linux prompt.

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