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Its a shame older computer enthusiasts had a much larger selection of systems and addons then we have today. Costs too much to be inovative anymore.

Just look at the processor/video/audio market how many companies have folded in the last 10 years

Everything is getting cheaper, but you have to buy from 1 or 2 makers, depressing.

Then again I wasnt happy getting orphaned with a Timex 2068 a few months after i purchased it.

If a 'new' amiga was to come out with better sound/video/os at a fraction of what the 'others' were charging I would step up and buy the first one. But I dont see a way you can do that without making custom chipsets on proprietary hardware (something like a console, but a real computer) and that means spending alot of money the AMIGA comunity doesnt have.
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