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Nice to hear from you BlueAchenar.

And nice story by the way. Yes the Amiga was a real booster for our interests and later, careers, it was to me also in music, although I've explored the Speccy 48k capabilities and the +2 also on that field with the limited programs available at the time. And that was one of the reasons to upgrade to a more "serious" computer, to do "real" music not blip blops.
Aahh, it turned out that now I'm trying to do blip blops with "real" hardware, but nevermind.

Well the purpose of this thread is exactly what i've said on the first post, to know who we are and maybe later who knows? A meeting, perhaps having enough interest. A portuguese forum maybe an idea to be thought, but i've been in a particular portuguese retro gaming and computing forum, and after several months there are only two members. Myself included. Maybe bad advertising i don't know.
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