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Wow....sorry to bring this thread up again, but let's count it as an homage, I'm sure most of you guys will agree, reading how beloved he was.

I'm a newbie on this board, and since the very first post, I still felt that spirit and energy coming out of my computer screen...I must admit, having been part of many online communities, that this one is definitely very special, strong, mature, and pretty much overwhelming to feel part of it. I've been welcomed like never before, honestly, you guys rock.

And then, after reading through a post, that included a link, that included a quote that included another link that linked to an image in another post, I ended up reading somewhere that Paul passed out.

W H A T?

The guy that got my WinUAE with WB3.1 running in no time thanks to his great guide/tutorial, the guy I even talked about in my very first post ever on this board, passed away more than a year ago? Feels super....strange. There's no word to express that feeling I guess.

So I ended up on this thread...great to see how beloved he was, so many nice words from everybody, and the interaction of his mother Patricia added to the deeply overwhelming feeling that this read gave me.

I met some of them personally, I've read or heard about others, but I'm amazed how dis...ehrm, DIFFERENTLY-abled (thanks Patricia ) individuals develop extreme skills, and a deep humanistic mind. These people mostly love others, and love to give what they're able to to people around them. That's great inspiration.

I'm sure you R.I.P. Paul, but let me add my very own drop to the ocean of love and support that you still receive today. That's too bad I didn't get to know you personnally, but I have to take the word of everybody and know you were a wonderful individual.

This definitely makes me want to spend more and more time on this board. Awesome community.

Guys, you rock!

-RIP Paul-
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