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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Nice story qwak. I would love to see your smooth scrolling ST shooter and your other unreleased ST games. Thalion's Warp has a 8-way scrolling too, so not really ANY direction.

Ah cool.

Yeah, you could either do it in software, but redrawing the entire screen buffer, or hardware, but changing the screen start-address hardware register. Which you could only change in 256 byte steps, and the screen was like 160 bytes across, but with some clever shenanigans you get it to sroll up and down in 2 pixel steps (and still plenty of CPU for loads of software sprites).

I never say the technicque applied to a released game though.

I'd be more than happy to release the ST game demos, if you know anyone who can do that, and host them, on a site or whatever. I'm quite happy to share, for nostalgia's sake.

Just a bit busy to spend too much time on it myself.

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