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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
But it is seems possible. Have you checked Thalion's Warp on the ST? It scrolls smoothly in any direction.

btw: Nitro rules!!
Ah thanks!

Not seen is no..

But. I did a very smooth ST sideways scrolling (actually 8 way) shooter. 60 FPS. In the style of Uridium. But you could land the ship and it turned in to a tank..

The scrolling was cool. But still just s/w scrolling. It was parallax too.

I also did actually full-screen h/w scrolling (for another, unpublished game). I remember showing it to the guys at Bullfrog at an interview, and they were totally perprexed and couldn't figure out how I did it..

Full screen, 16 colour, h/w scrolling (only up and down in 2 pixels steps though). Needless to say, I didn't tell them how it was done! Ha..

I'd be more than happy to release all my old unpublished games for the ST, in to public domain, if anyone'd be interested?
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