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Originally Posted by hit View Post
yes, i know what you are talking about. but look here:
"2008-10-01 : Thomas finally finished the new Hardware-design for Natami-060 - the 1st board can now hit his lab in a couple of weeks!"
two month gone and they still have nothing to report? seen the footage of the Atari-FPGA-Project, screenshots of the Customchips Prototypes and so on? seen the vids Richard Aplin made after a couple of days, and all the Tiny projects around.
what do we have from the Natami Team, are some very old pictures of a prototype and some stills of a, maybe impressive, flightsim. thats all.
i mean, they were opening the website and board. but i've seen nothing so far. even gunnar stated, some dozend people have seen a working prototype earlier this year. i've seen nothing. that really bugs me; i guess not only me.
it seems to be a nice project and i hope they will made it. but this kind of publicity, is bogus to me :/
Apparently, that sites not an official site.
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