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Pspuae 0.72 Fame/c Edition Released!!!!

We have released a FAME/C Version of PSPUAE (Amiga Emulator for PSP), changes are listed below.

* Added FAME/C CPU core (Credits to UAE4ALL team as thats where Ric ported it from originally).

Im only releasing this, because people wanted it.
Be warned its unstable and can guru alot.
That said, it is faster.
Also old SAVESTATES are NOT compatible with this release.
Also, to get this to work with 1.50 you will have to convert the eboot yourself.

Please do not post regarding crashing issues with this release, as I have already pointed out its flaws.
Unless someone wants to improve the FAME/C CPU core, im done with it. I have wasted to much time on this, trying to get the core stable.

Remember Read the README`s.

You can download below......

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