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This Thursday's MAUG meeting is shaping up to be a big one, The following is from an email recieved today from the club secretary:

That's right! We have an awesome break-up party planned at this years last

Why will it be so awesome? Cause the Syntax Party Crew will be there to
show off demos!!!

The who? Haven't seen them? Well here's a short promo:

Australia's largest coding, gfx
and music tracking party for
Oldskool & nuskool platforms

Come to MAUG and see the party crew in action for an exclusive special
treat for MAUG members not to be seen anywhere else! Just back from
overseas and we managed to secure a booking for our break-up. Are we good
to you or what! You've not seen such an exclusive since the days of the
CUAmiga and AmigaFormat coverdisk demos I bet! And that retro feeling will
keep on flowing at MAUG.

Just as a teaser you're going to see a MiniMig in action doing demos! An
A500 and the greatest demo machine of all, the beloved A1200.

Okay that's the big news. As is customary we will also have the usual
assortment of party food around the tables for the picking.

But wait! There's more! Still after an AmigaOS4 machine? Well we are going
too see a live Sam440ep in action! Running Linux, AROS and now just
recently AmigaOS4 this is the new OS4 machine. See here for more:

If that's not all, the club AmigaOS4.1 order should be ready. So we might
also see an AmigaOS4.1 install fest! Nice icing on the cake it would be.

Either way, I told you it would be awesome. So come along to MAUG and have
a great time! We've planned one. :-D
This Thursday the 4th of December, Kellaway community centre hall, Kellaway avenue Moonee Ponds. Meeting should start at 8:00pm
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