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Funny thread, this is...

What do you girls expect from 15-20 years old game?

Just take Turrican for example:
  • Large and various levels
  • A lot of different enemies, great bosses
  • A lot of power ups
  • Option to roll and use land mines or shield,...
  • Story behind the game (it might not make a sense now, but it was cool at the time)
  • Nice gfx and tune
So, what else do you expect from a game?? What would be a good improvement in your opinion??

You can take all other games from cv643d's list and ask the same question, and you'll figure out all of them were really good and playble games. (except SotB, which did look impresive at the time, but was not very playable unless you enjoy pixel-point movements)

IMHO overrated games - doom on PC and rest of the clones.

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