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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
I recently tried AmigaSys4 AGA + 3.9 and it looks great running on my 1200

I installed it using WinUAE and everything fine until I tried to 'upgrade' using my OS3.9 CDROM. After the upgrade had finished, I noticed that some of the files it copied accross were marked as 'read only'. As an example, I was no longer able to save my WorkBench Pattern prefs?

I also had an idea. Would it be possible to ask more questions during the install about which components should be installed. Similar to the question about which icons to use, this would allow users to customise during the install process

I'm hoping a future version will ask you if you've got an IndivisionAGA installed. If you select 'yes' it would give you a 1024x768 desktop with some nice wallpaper and still give you enough chip-ram to run applications (FBlit+FText?).

WinUAE CD was left out treatment, the troubles are because of this.

There will be developments naturally, but does not go by all of them simultaneously.

I rehearsed FBlit on 3.9, for me wrongly working. How large a colour resolutions may 1024x768 IndivisionAGA?
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