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Lattice C Compiler Help


With NorthC it is possible to compile in stages so that your .C programme gets converted into Asm before it finally gets linked.

This is quite useful as you can then take the source code and throw it into your own programme, with out having to dissassemble the final object and getting rid of all that other C Startup code.

I tried dumping all the includes so I could compile it with NorthC but seemed to have problem getting it working.

I was wondering if this is possible with Lattice so I can convert the RKM sources in to Assembler, as I don't have the Lattice C Manual.

Yes I know the RKM sources are in assembler on aminet, but you still have to use the includes and I don't like the way he's coded.

dosbase = 0
gfxbase = dosbase+4
.. = gfxbase+4

Thank you.
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