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the soundchip in some konami carts is a 5 channel chip, which has builtin ram for either 4 or 5(scc+) 32-byte wave tables depending on version (it's also a memory mapper) manufactured by konami(well, labelled konami, yamaha made a lot of chips for everyone so who knows), the extra 3 channels come from the psg which is already in the computer, 8 channels was a bit of artistic marketing license , supposedly it's been used in a few arcade machines too, I think the konami synthesizer cart uses just a basic dac and I think there were some other ones with basic rom based sample replay on them aswell.

and sorry photon, I must have misunderstood your other post, I've had a stupid cold for the last few days and it's made sleep "fun" and I'm still not completely cogent

but hang on this was a choppy scrolling thread

as far as I can remember the spectrum had somewhat of an edge in scrolling graphics over the amstrad, but then it would have just under a third? the amount of data to shift in a single frame for full screen scrolling. my brain is too munted to work how how many bytes/sec that would need to be to actually work with all the game logic etc, oh and I just remembered of course on the spectrum 128 you could double buffer the display so maybe you could achieve a full screen scroll at 25Hz without needing to be absolutely l33t or whatever, did the amstrads let you do that kind of thing?.

though personally, I would have taken choppy/crap scrolling over having a tiny active game screen next to a huge static graphic with the name of the game on it (in case I forgot what I was playing I guess), that always seemed somehow lazy to me (yes, guess which machine I had..)

Having said all that there's a few impressive looking amstrad demos on youtube that a spectrum's never going to match so maybe the jury's still out.

Hmm, this post has become epic, I better stop typing now
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