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Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
Hi Prowler,
yes, sooner or later I'll try Amiga Explorer. It looks like a great utility!
I noticed that ADFread is not used much... perhaps many users transferred their floppies years ago with DISK2ADF, or they use your method (with a real Amiga)... This could be good news, since the main fear I have/had about ADFread is about many people creating bad .adf files with it.
Yes, this is good news indeed, because if ADFRead reports no read errors, then your fear was well founded.

Personally, I'm not surprised that Disk2FDI out-performs ADFRead in your tests, because I don't think you can beat a plain DOS-based environment when it comes to low-level antics like disk imaging with a PC.

Amiga Explorer is in a different league, because although it is a Windows application, the low-level trickery is done on the Amiga, where the disk format is fully supported.

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