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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Hi Supamax,

I use Amiga Explorer and attach my PC to my Amiga with a null modem cable. This program gives perfect .adf images every time from real floppies in the Amiga's floppy drive, plus it can give .hdf images from the Amiga's hard drive.

I am also a registered user of Disk2FDI, but I find that sometimes it will not read disks properly which the Amiga will. However the registered Disk2FDI program has the advantage that it will read lots of other formats (it's particularly good at reading early Macintosh GCR encoded disks of 400kB and 800kB capacity).

Hope this helps!

(I have not tried ADFRead.)
Hi Prowler,
yes, sooner or later I'll try Amiga Explorer. It looks like a great utility!
I noticed that ADFread is not used much... perhaps many users transferred their floppies years ago with DISK2ADF, or they use your method (with a real Amiga)... This could be good news, since the main fear I have/had about ADFread is about many people creating bad .adf files with it.
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