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@ marco pedrana:

I have two PCs: a recent one with XP, which I use for all my needs, and an old one which I use for all my retrocomputing/DOS/etc. needs.
It has:
- AMD K6 3D 450 MHz processor
- ASUS motherboard
- 256 MB RAM
- Windows 2000 (but I boot the PC in pure DOS when I need to use DISK2FDI)
- 2 floppy drives
I leave the PC case open, so I can insert the floppy drives I need at the moment (I have many drives, 3,5" or 5,25", DD or HD, PC and Amiga).

By the way, I could also use with no problems with DISK2FDI a Chinon A500 internal floppy drive, directly connected to the PC. ADFread couldn't use it, no way...
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