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Yeah I read a number of your posts... however you have no graphics and sound and things will surely slow down A BIT when you implement that

So, out of curiousity how long will it take until you can run a simple program and output something on screen? 1 week? 1 month? 1 year?
Hehehe yea just a bit
The speed test was really just about finding out where I was in terms of being able to emulate the real thing. I had no idea what kind of speed I was going to get or whether there was going to be enough headroom to emulate the rest of the system. I still don't really know but I've got to think that it can be done, given the results so far.

I'm working on the DMA controller and figuring out how best to handle the custom registers at the moment. My first target is to try and get something of a display going as I'm itching to see some graphical output.

I would hope a simple program outputting something to the screen would come in the next couple of weeks or so.

It's very motivational knowing that there are like minded people interested in the project, asking questions and offering suggestions, so thanks for the best wishes and input so far
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