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Floppy disk BIG PD Game Collection - Available now!

Hands up who likes Public Domain Games?

Well, after 2 weeks of checking and cataloging my PD Game collection I have uploaded it to the FTP for you all as an early xmas present

There are over 700 games for you to try out (go into the 'PD Games' folder).
This collection is no way 'definitive' there are lots of quality stuff that I don't have, but there is a lot of content and something there for everyone!

Some of these are fairly common, but some haven't seen the light of day for many years.

In my view, the MUST play games are -
Moose Drive (Supersprint clone)
Deluxe Galaga (great fun)
Gameboy Tetris Simulator (perfect clone on GB Tetris)
Super Obliteration (Pang meets Turrican)
Cybernetix (commercial quality)
Donkey Kong (one of the finest PD games ever)
Transplant (another commercial quality game)
XMas Time (Great fun and great quality)

Also worthy of a mention -
Emerald Mines (these are HARD though)
Therapist (strangest 'game' ever)
Crazy Sue I / II

Heck theres loads and loads more great titles, but those are just the ones that sprang to mind!

One point worth noting - some of these (maybe 10%) need to be loaded through Workbench - so if you try one and it doesn't boot, try it through WB. This is how the disks were originally distributed. Also all of these are legal - so don't expect full / registered versions of shareware titles.

If you never heard of the PD Game scene check out the disks above and you will have TONS of fun!

I reckon the PD scene was one of the contributing factors in the Amiga's success. Anyway - here's the link to the FTP thread for the bone idle:

Have fun gamers!

PS Just remembered that I have ALL of the Assassins Games Disks (1-250) - is it worth upping them too?

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