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AmigaSYS 4 French translation - help...

Dear French Users.

At the beginning of october it seemed that the official French translation for the AmigaSYS 4 packages.
Unfortunately the whole thing is stuck, i sent the files to the translater at october 15, now it is the end of november and i got the 10-15% of the translations.

In 1,5 month it is not a big process, i wrote to the translater, that i need the files, because i cannot step on and the future update files are already ready for the French language, the only missing piece is the translation.

The translater isn't answer for weeks now, he visits the forums, i feel he isn't interested and he is just delay my work, so i decided to ask your help.

About the translation:

You'll need to translate terse English to French, not scripts, it is collected into files, you only have to translate.
All of the translations can be made in a few hours.

If more people want to do it, then you can translate it as a team, by share the parts.

Thank you, Dary
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