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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
Yeah Cadaver is a piece of work. Even with the work I've done in my Last Ninja 2 remake, there are still a lot of things in it that completely leave me stumped how they pulled it off on an Amiga. Multiple layers, 100% accurate collision detection and depth sorting... Even the objects have isometric depth. Methinks that they painstakingly gave every object isometric collision box information by hand, I don't see how else you can give a 2D object 3D depth.

The idea of building an editor for it alone gives me a head ache.
Yes, when you see how hard it is to remake a game using modern techniques (fast PCs, high level / object languages, lowlevel libs such as Java or SDL) it's hard to imagine how the original developers did.
I think there were a few, but very talented and hard-working professionals.

I also think that some games were not designed using an editor / data files for everything. Many things were code-driven, and they were not thinking about expansion packs when they were coding, but more about the deadline (which certainly explains self modifying code in Gods for instance)

I read that the Bros developped ACS (adventure coding language) for Cadaver. Must be a kind of SCUMM VM stuff. Too bad the engine / src has not been made public.
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