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Sysinfo, AIBB, Scout, SysSpeed show the system speed and info, but they don't test the hardware. For instance you can know how much memory is installed in your Amiga, but not if this memory has all bits working.

For what I remember Advanced Amiga Analyzer performs some hardware tests but an expert user can be required to analyze some results (example: leds of serial or parallel port). The simple user can however hear if the 4 audio channels play fine their sound scala.

I don't believe that a real and complete test hardware tool exists (CPU, RAM, PORTS, DRIVES, KEYBOARD) or it could exist. I'm thinking to an utility that at the end reports a message like "Your Amiga is fully working!". Probably it's impossible to create such a tool since an human user is always required (How could an utility test if all keys on the keyboard work?), however it's true that when any computer is ready to be used, it has already performed and passed many and main functional tests during its boot. we users can hope, but not to be sure, that all is ok. is offline  
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