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Why not... ?

Hi guys,

I have a question, perhaps stupid...
Why don't use a normal copier to copy a .dms (or .wrp or others supported by WinUAE) to .adf?
For disk-compressed dms's (for .dms files containing files the method below is not possible, obviously), I used this method (in WinUAE):
- load a copier (e.g. X-Copy Pro)
- load the .dms as df0:
- load a blank .adf as df1:
- copy the whole disk from df0: to df1: (X-Copy Pro let me see if there are "read" errors, so I will know if the dms and adf are correct)

Am I doing something wrong, or this is a good method?

P.S. if the .dms archive has a password, has WinUAE problems loading it as df0: ???
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