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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post

Will be a hard job to find people who like Diggers more than Lemmings
I love Diggers, it is one of few games I have finished. Even got my favourite digging system . the gfx and sound... yummy

IMHO Diggers had a great potential which was wasted, it looks as if the deadline was getting closer and designers gave up. The game had many shortcomings, it is too easy + it is something like somebody showed you a candy and then threw it into a stool... Just check all the shiny, fabulous machines - they were meant to increase your chances (most of them help you dig faster). condition of winning a level is to gather some amount of cash before an enemy does it, so when you purchase large mole (for example) you diminish your chances - the toy is expensive and it probably wont return its cost before the enemy earns the money digging for gems with bare hands
other issue is the "lemming behaviour" of your miners - it makes the game more difficult (in a rather cheap way) but also makes buying some machines pointless... why to buy an elevator or rails/wagons when single stupid move of your digger can spoil your whole mining conception or/and isolate you from part of your mine with your expensive trash.

perfect diggers would be a game with much higher amount of money to be gained to finish a level, much bigger "digging space", without the "lemming feature" and with 2 player mode (or, at least, something like AI)

still small mole is a good thing, stuff like explosives, flood gates, bridges are often useful - especially when you spot a pink gem and make an excursion for it (worth a lot, always guarded by some creatures or hidden behind terrain obstacles)

My great expectation - Extractors ended up as a demo which doesnt load

As for Lemmings - i liked it, but for many years i have not felt any need to give it a spin, its just boring to me

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