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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Seems so I still need to get into the original game...
I think it's just one of those games you just need to persist with, it is a very difficult game because it's boundaries are stripped away, so the path you make within it is really your own. It captured my imagination - you truly do feel lost on an alien planet because there are no indications as to what you should be doing. A prospect which is daunting to many because you have to try very hard to make sense of it all. To this extent, it's not really a casual game. When I played and completed Exile, it took 6 hours according to the game time, but I think it actually took half a year of playing to accomplish.

It's little confusing to remember, because,at the time of completion I took to creating a very detailed diagrammatic guide of the hardest bits in the game also. So, my memory is thin on the matter.
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