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Originally Posted by laser View Post
then I tryed cdgen and psxcdgen....created a new iso....the game even doesn't boot
Sounds like you forgot to license it with HitLice, psxisomaker has licensing builtin so that's why you got further with it. As for adding audio tracks there's no need to be fancy just use the cuesheet from If you can't get it going there's a working copy on snesorama.
Originally Posted by Fingerlickin_B View Post
HitLice, it runs from a DOS shell in Windows XP, but doesn't seem to do anything, the shell just closes once you input the file location & the ISO once burned does not boot on a PS2.
If you don't get a message that says "ISO-File is now licensed. Courtesy of HITMEN 1997." then it didn't work. Are you definitely using a raw bin image? (i.e. bin/cue set where the cue indicates MODE2/2352 for track 1)

I just tried a quick rip & rebuild (sans audio) of Ridge Racer using PSx CD-Gen/HitLice and the disc works fine. To double check, open your bin file with ISOBuster and using the sector viewer go to LBA 4, the text at the beginnng of the sector should read "Licensed by Hitmen PlayStation Division 1997".
Originally Posted by Fingerlickin_B View Post
Does HitLice need to be run in REAL DOS to work (as opposed to a shell in Windows)?
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