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OK DamianD, sorry mate

There was another one near my school called 'Coopers'. It was where all the school kids went on there dinners, it was quite big inside, it had 4 pool tables and two snooker tables, but most of all it must of had 50-100 arcade machines in there.

Unfortunately the school, and surrounding neighbours, filed a petition for it to close 'cause of us kids, and finally around 1985-86 it closed for good, only to reopen as a snooker hall. No damn Arcade machines any more

You just don't get them like you used to any more. They are usually full of bandits and old people or uncontrollable gamblers who spend there life savings on making an utter loss. No young talent feesting thier eyes on whats inside your pockets not that they would get any money off me these days.

Yep! The old arcades are now very sparse, it's quite hard to find a decent one nowadays, but then, with the computer taking over the games scene I suppose what do you expect.
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