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Yes Exile is one of those games that stands out quite a bit for being different and actually rather great.

I guess it's not for everybody though as it's hard to know exactly where or what you should be doing - part of it's charm of course

One of the first games to use physics as a basis and fun could be had alone just messing

Quite a lonely experience on Amiga(in a good way like Metroid for Snes or Damocles) and quite spooky i must say even though i must have been already in my twenties when i played it

All versions were good i think in there own way and i wouldn't be at all suprised if a lot of folk here rate the BBC version as best.ST version felt slightly more warmer than the Amiga version i thought due to having a border effect but that's just a preference thing for me - some of the isolated atmosphere is lost because of it

You also couldn't die as such(enegy drains to the point that you teleport) , as well you could teleport where you had just been were you to mark a point.Death therefor was only a real pain if you failed to mark a point before your enegy drained.Something like this anyhow but it all remained fairly frustration free if you used the system well enough

It really is rather good in a stand out way like Sentinel say or Elite and i encourage people to give it a try

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