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Hi All,

For some strange (but I'll take it anyways) reason, the shared drive is working flawlessly now. My A1200 can both read/write files and small/large files from a shared computer running XP!! Blame it on the full moon or my neighbours black cat....

I am attributing the lack of success with my Vista and Linux hots perhaps due to high security settings and what not. I just turned off all security settings (both login and file folder access) on my XP host.

Nonetheless, I am surfing and accessing shared files on my A1200. I don't really use my Amiga for regular surfing or shared file access mind you, but I can at least proclaim that "I can" should I ever want to! ;-))

For those wishing to who have the required resources and a strong desire to get their A1200 networked, I can say that (in hindsight) it is quite simple. Just follow from the beginning of this thread.

Thanks again to the great community here at EAB!!

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