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Originally Posted by laser View Post
any recommendation?
PSx CD-Gen or psxisomaker both available here. I would also suggest you get a copy of loser's demomenu from Megagames and have a read through the documentation as it contains some things you should know about PSX ISOs - disc mode, recommended iso size, filename restrictions, path depth etc.

As long as the game has no CDDA or XA tracks then remastering the disc is usually straight-forward however there are exceptions and some games will fail to run if the layout is not exactly like the original. The main reason for this is because they use LBA addressing to locate their data files rather than the CD's TOC, PSx CD-Gen can deal with this by importing a tree list file created by ISOBuster from the original CD, it shouldn't matter if the file contents are damaged as long as the TOC is OK you should be able to reuse the layout info.

Rest assured that it's not as difficult as I'm making it sound

@musashi: Surely you mean SYSTEM.CNF
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