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Originally Posted by Old Fool View Post
Haven't played but Mortal Kombat 2 seems to be (at least graphics) better on MD.
Mortal Kombat 2 on the Amiga is late unpolished port. On the Sega much more touch is given to the game. All the Amiga games after 1993 were more touched while ported to the consoles. There are exceptions of course.

Technically speaking the Amiga have better sound - Paula over bad FM and PSG chips controlled by Z80 (which offloaded some of the main CPU. Better graphics on the Amiga - more colors and higher resolutions which are used at some games and give better impresion of real 16 bit platform. More system memory - even unexpanded Amiga 500 have 512 KB memory but it was used for the program too, the Sega Mega Drive have 64 KB main RAM, 8KB RAM accessed from the Z80 and 8 KB Audio RAM. The more memory can be used for more complex games, but for platform, jump and runs and beat em ups 64KB RAM is more than enough. Input - sadly the Amiga controller with only 1 fire button as standart sucks over the 3 button (and 6 later) controller of the Sega Mega Drive. Many games sucked when you need to jump with joystick or press space to fire special weapon (like in Turrican), or press alt to make magic (like in Golden Axe) and on the Sega they were more playable. Available software - the Sega as a console have mostly commercial software available today, and only little bunch of homebrew hacked games and demos, while the Amiga have demos, games - PD and commercial and still active development.
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