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Flash Back
with respect to the sound being superior on the Amiga, I throughly loved the Mega Drive version; a great job fitting all that on a single cart with all the animations / cut scenes.

Cool Spot
Personally i loath the game, and again it suffed with poor quality sound, BUT it did a better fluidity of movement, thus making it more playable.

Dune II: Battle for Arakkis
Now I love this game on the Miggy, but taking into account the limmitations of the MegaDrive, its an astonding game... very quick and fluid play, sound is again poor, BUT i feel its a better game on the MD

Cannon Fodder
Now i can see mr getting strung up here... now the music is poorer quality but I have to say it has GREAT game play... alas this is with an analouge stick, if you dont have that, then this game sufferes in the dumdroms of dispair!
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