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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
I had that on my monitor at one point. To fix it I removed all other monitor drivers and left just HighGFX in devs/monitors and then (after selecting HighGFX 1024x768), I changed the config progam to 'use display timing from standard settings'.
Could you get back the other modes after this worked though? I don't even get the "Invididual computers" logo when powering up.

I tried this with another monitor anyway and it worked, looks beautiful Definitely worth the €s Guess I'll be selling the cheap old monitor. Funny it was set to mode 1.00 and it didn't work on the other monitor, but when I set it to 1.25 and rebooted it did, so it must be important for compatibility.

Incidentally as it seems to output 800x600 by default for PAL - does anyone know if this necessary stretches on a widescreen monitor, (as opposed to lateral pillarboxing) or does that depend on how the given monitor handles resolutions?

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